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Align Entertainment has a mandate that includes ensuring we give back to our community and that we provide opportunities for ALL children to grow their enthusiasm for musical theatre.  This affords partners the opportunity to purchase a block of tickets that are then donated to our philanthropic partners who in turn ensure that families who can’t normally afford the theatre experience are able to participate in the magic.

Your philanthropic donation of $1200 will credit you with the following:

* Announced as the philanthropic partner on the night of the show you sponsor

* Acknowledged as one of our philanthropic partners in a full page ad in our souvenir program

* Issued a tax receipt from the philanthropic partner for $1000 (cost of  tickets)

* A block of 50 tickets for a show will be donated to one of our philanthropic partners in your company’s name

* Recognized by our philanthropic partners in the media

* Listed in the lobby as philanthropic partner.

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